IRS Tax Lien Records Marketing Lists sells IRS lien leads to tax problem resolution pros.


Available Locations

This list doesn’t include all coverage so please contact us to see if yours is available.

- Florida
- New York City
- Georgia
- Texas
- New Jersey
- Arizona
- New Hampshire
- Illinois
- Colorado
- Alabama
- Iowa
- New York State
- Rhode Island
- South Carolina
- Arkansas
- Missouri


Find My IRS Tax Lien

Due to overwhelming demand from taxpayers, we’re now offering nationwide search services for taxpayers to access copies of their IRS lien and/or release records. Visit Find My IRS Tax Lien for more information on this service.


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Ask us about what we do at our own tax practice to reach new clients with IRS issues. Call Andrew at (321) 872-7742 or email for more information or just to chat.


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