Quality, Quantity and Pricing of IRS Liens

Quality, Quantity and Pricing of IRS Liens

Answering Your Three Big Questions

Here at FederalTaxLienSearch.com we help Tax Problem Resolution professionals reach fresh new lien recipients. It’s what works the best at our tax practice and we want to share best practices with other professionals. There’s no shortage of work to be done helping taxpayers and we can’t eat the whole pie ourselves.

I enjoy running this site because I frequently get to speak with new tax professionals and entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s a fresh EA looking for a few hundred  records a month and other times it’s the owner of a nationwide firm seeking thousands a week. The conversation always moves through three questions: quality, quantity and pricing.


We collect IRS lien records using a team of highly experienced human researchers. Most other companies sell data acquired from databases. This makes our approach slightly more costly but it produces higher quality. The records are fresher (we check records in hundreds of counties and dozens of states each week) and we scrub them for duplicates and clean the addresses with sophisticated software so fewer get returned-to-sender.

Database-supplied companies routinely sell three-week-old data that they know nothing about. Most of the time they won’t pull out recent duplicate name/address combos like we do. They’ll rarely know what they’re talking about since the next person who calls them could be asking for a list of lis pendens filings in Dallas or a list of expectant mothers in Ohio. We specialize in IRS tax liens.

I started doing things this way after buying a junk list from an unnamed large supplier. That list ended up being mostly bankruptcy filings with no tax debt. The $3,200 I spent on postage, printing, and data was an expensive lesson but it got me started doing it a better way. When my tax pro friends began asking me for help with their marketing I created this site. This is why our quality’s better; I approached it from the perspective of the tax professional.


We start our collections at a face value of $5,000 or $7,500 depending on the location. After removing duplicates and known bad addresses we’re collecting about 1,500 records per week (2016 update: now averaging over 3,000/wk!). This is an average and it can range from 1,200 to past 2,000 2,500 to over 3,800. If you need a quantity estimate for your target market, minimum lien filing, businesses or individuals-only, etc. please email or call Andrew.


This is a tricky question since a buyer of a few hundred IRS liens per month will pay more per record than a nationwide buyer of the several thousand fresh records per week that we track down. But to provide a ballpark here are some typical buyers:

$0.50/ea. for local pulls of a few hundred records sent once each month.
$0.45/ea. for an average of 300 records sent once per week.
$0.40/ea. for an average of 500 records sent once per week.
$0.35/ea. for nationwide weekly lists over $7,500.
$0.25/ea.  for 2,500+ at a time.

Please call Andrew at 321-872-7742 or email us for pricing specific to your needs. We’re happy to talk through the best way to get results from your tax problem resolution marketing dollar.

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One Response to “ Quality, Quantity and Pricing of IRS Liens ”

  1. George says:


    I’m interested in receiving more information about your tax leads. Specifically, I’d like to know whether the leads can be for federal tax liens only? Also, can you provide federal leads for taxpayers who owe $50,000 or more? If so, please provide price per lead.

    Lastly, what kind of contact information is included in each lead (taxpayer address, taxpayer phone number, etc.)?