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Due to overwhelming demand from taxpayers, we’re now offering a flat-fee records request service for taxpayers to get copies of their IRS lien and/or release records. If you’d like to find specific records on your own, please see the blog post Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Here’s how our paid service works:
– This service costs $200 for one individual or business entity.

– We can only research liens filed under your name and SSN or your businesses name and EIN.

– This search is done with Form 8821. This form gives us permission to request records from IRS.

– Send a message to us that includes your name and phone number. Then we’ll call you to review what we are able to do. If you decide to hire us we’ll also save your contact and payment information.

Payment is due in full before the research is performed. You may pay via credit or debit card over the phone, or via an invoice we’ll email you.

– E-Sign the Form 8821 that we will prepare and send you.

– Once we call IRS and fax your signed Form 8821 to IRS in order to request recordsm we’ll send you copies of them via a secure portal website, fax, or US mail.

– You’ll receive all of your IRS tax lien information using this service no matter where it was filed in the United States. We cannot research state tax debt or other non-federal tax debts.

– We’d also be happy to discuss options to resolve the underlying issues creating your IRS lien if you’d like. There are even IRS programs to completely remove the lien from your credit and the public record if you qualify.

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