Colorado IRS Tax Lien Lists

Colorado IRS Tax Lien Lists

We’re happy to announce that we’ve gained access to a significant portion of IRS liens filed in Colorado. If your business needs to contact IRS tax debtors with a recent lien filed in CO, sending them a letter or calling them before your competitor does is extremely important. We compile records in Colorado (and dozens of other states) at least once per week so that your tax resolution practice has the first shot at these lucrative, motivated potential clients. Send a letter using our Excel (.xls and .xlsx) spreadsheets, or append our raw data to get phone numbers from a 3rd party provider!

Contact us today and let’s launch your custom marketing project. We help CPAs, EAs, and Tax Attorneys get started on successful campaigns that build their business and help taxpayers in need. Call or text Andrew at 321-872-7742 to chat about best practices for tax lien marketing and what has worked for us over the years at our EA TaPR firm.

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  1. I’m thinking of doing a direct mail campaign and wanted 1,000-1,500 tax address around my zip code.