Frequently Asked Questions

How much do records cost?

We charge between 25 cents and 60 cents per record in most available areas. The price depends on quantity, frequency of purchase, and your specific filters. We’ve written a blog post in 2014 and also in 2015 discussing pricing, quantity and quality in more detail and it’s an excellent starting point. Please email or call Andrew at 321-872-7742 for a quote specific to your needs.

     Can you find my personal IRS lien?

Yes, you may hire us. However, you can do this for free yourself. Simply contact the IRS at 800-829-3903 or the IRS Lien Department at 800-913-6050 with your questions before hiring us to perform this research. specializes in selling IRS tax lien information for marketing purposes. For specific lien research and representation service information please read more at Find My IRS Tax Lien.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is currently no minimum order amount. But since price depends on quantity ordered, you may find it to be uneconomical to purchase fewer than 200 records.

How do you deliver the records?

Our lists are sent in .xlsx spreadsheet files compatible with Microsoft Excel. We can send records in .xls, .csv, etc. upon request. These file types will allow you to do a mail merge with Microsoft Word to create a customized letter. By doing a mail merge, you can print each mailing address right onto the letter, label, envelope or postcard.

Can you send labels instead?

Yes, we can send you labels with the names and addresses you order. The cost for labels is an additional 10 cents per record, plus $10 for postage and handling via USPS Priority Mail. There’s no minimum quantity, but you may find it’s uneconomical to buy fewer than a few hundred records at a time.

Can you recommend a bulk mailer that can help me print and ship my mail pieces?

Yes. We’ve worked with businesses that can handle the design, printing, and shipping of mail pieces. This will allow you to ship at bulk mailing rates when you send out a few hundred or more pieces at a time. Please contact us for referrals to these sort of companies.

     How often will you send the records?

We generally send IRS tax lien records on a weekly or monthly basis to customers. We can also sell one-off larger lists going back weeks or months using your specs but this is much less common than our recurring sales of fresh records sent weekly or monthly.

     Will you assist me in writing my letter?

Yes, but we recommend you first read our blog post about writing and designing a mail piece:

Write Your IRS Tax Lien Marketing Letter

If you decide that you’d rather have a copywriter create your letter, or our graphics designer lay out your glossy, we’re happy to help. You can tell us about what you want your letter or postcard to include and we’ll create a custom mail piece.

Contact us or request a records search today!