NYC and NJ IRS Liens Suspended

NYC and NJ IRS Liens Suspended

IRS Suspends Collections Efforts in NYC and NJ

Note: This post was originally published 12/16/2012 and is out–of-date as of Spring, 2013. 

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted millions of lives in the New York and New Jersey metro areas. Thankfully, IRS has appeared to grant a brief respite to collections efforts against taxpayers living in some of the hardest-hit areas.

Last month, I spoke with a Revenue Officer in Queens, NY who stated that collections efforts against most taxpayers would be suspended until February 2013. Around mid-November, we noticed that there was a dramatic fall-off in NJ and NYC Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL) filings. Where we would normally see approx. 200 liens filed weekly, we saw it plunge to low double digits, and then to zero since just after Thanksgiving. This appears to have confirmed anecdotal evidence from our own clients in the NYC area, as well as what other tax problem representatives we’ve spoken with recently have stated.

While we wait to see what happens on the collections front in the NYC/Northern NJ metro area over the coming months, there are plenty of other marketing opportunities throughout the country for you to reach new clients seeking your help. Please call our lien project manager Houston at 321-872-7742 or email to discuss your options and get started today.

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