IRS Tax Liens in New York City

IRS Tax Liens in New York City

IRS Federal Tax Lien Records Now Available In NY and NYC is pleased to announce the availability of both continuously updated and archived tax lien records for the City of New York. This includes four of the five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens. These are some huge markets to hit for tax problem solvers interested in tapping a diverse new client base. In the month of September 2011. a slow month, over 800 records were published. And in January 2011, a high month, over 1,700 IRS liens were filed. We can go back as many weeks or months as you request to gather this valuable marketing information. Our prices for these records will be very competitive due to the volumes inherent in such a large market.

The counties of New York, Bronx, Kings and Queens all have IRS Federal Tax Liens available for purchase. These can be sorted by date, borough or county, minimum amount owed, and business or individual. Contact us or submit a records search to specify what sorts of records you want and let’s locate your future tax problem resolution clients!

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  1. Bradley Dorin says:

    We are interested in business and individual liens with telephone numbers.

  2. […] or metro area of the court where it was filed. – We currently collect tax liens in Florida, Ohio, New York City, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas. – Other areas can be added upon request and after subsequent […]