Arizona IRS Lien Records

Arizona IRS Lien Records

IRS Tax Lien Marketing Lists in Arizona has now added Arizona to the states in which we collect IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien records. Updated weekly, we cover the major counties of Maricopa, Yavapai, Yuma and more. Your tax problem resolution CPA EA or JD practice can now target the Phoenix, Mesa, Flagstaff and Prescott markets among many others in the Grand Canyon State. Every list we sell includes the date filed, amount owed, tax type and balance, and the full name and mailing address of the recipient; sample spreadsheet available upon request. Combine Arizona IRS lien lists with other areas and get our best ratex with weekly updates, or just choose your preferred counties and target only your local market.

Call or text Andrew today at 321-872-7742 and we’ll talk about your options for reaching the freshest leads in their moment of need for your services! Feel free to contact us using the message page or send an email to to talk about best practices and how we can help your practice expand rapidly.

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  1. Please send me information on how you can help for the Pima County AZ area.