Lifestyles of the CNC and Famous

Lifestyles of the CNC and Famous

Is Casey Anthony’s IRS Tax Problem Resolved?

Besides to protect their interest in all property, one of the main reasons the IRS files Federal Tax Liens is to notify the public that a business or individual owes the government money. Because credit bureaus collect this information,  lenders are more wary of extending credit to FTL recipients. And when you’re a celebrity, it usually makes the news.

Right here in our backyard, Casey Marie Anthony (of tabloid fame) seems to be having some tax troubles. Her first tax lien was filed back in May, listing her 2008 calendar year 1040 debt as $68,520.41.  See Casey Anthony’s Osceola Co. IRS Tax Lien.  The tax lien address is purportedly her attorney’s office. If a tax practitioner had bought this tax record to send a marketing piece to the individual and received a response from them, a number of services could be provided. First, the person needs an evaluation of their tax problem. This analysis may lead the practitioner to file unfiled returns, amend incorrect or incomplete returns, review statute of limitations issues, and several other basic reviews and services. If the client can afford to make monthly payments, the practitioner may perform a financial analysis and apply for a monthly payment plan. If the client cannot afford to pay, then “Currently Not Collectible” status may be a possibility.

Yesterday, another lien was filed against Casey Anthony. When we see a lien re-filed so quickly, it often means the person was placed into a Currently Not Collectible Status, since a lien is re-filed to protect the government’s interest in this case. See Casey Anthony’s Orange Co. IRS Tax Lien. This lien was filed August 25th 2011. Since this client still may be a good candidate for an Offer in Compromise (settlement), it’s still a good idea to send another marketing piece to them.

As an aside, I don’t like to post in public forums tax lien records because it does not seem respectful to the individual affected. But when the person is as well-known (infamous?) as this young woman, and the record is already in the news, then I see no harm to be done. So you will only see posts like this when it singles out a public figure.

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