Chicago Illinois IRS Tax Liens

Chicago Illinois IRS Tax Liens has added Chicago, Illinois IRS liens to the weekly search service. We’re averaging about 125 business and individual records per week that have a recorded amount of $7,500+. Chicagoland and Northern Illinois tax practices will want to tap into this valuable source of new IRS tax problem resolution leads as the lowest hanging fruit in their marketing equation.

Call Houston today to discuss how our service works at (321) 337-4172, or email him at We work in a small tax practice in Florida and either of my two employees, Houston and Tom, are all happy to share our know-how on what’s worked for us. My team of researchers collect hundreds of new records everyday from around the country and can jump start your Enrolled Agent, CPA, or Lawyer-based tax problem resolution business by implementing a marketing campaign to fresh federal tax lien recipients.

Andrew R. Schaefer, EA
Insight Tax Services
Orlando, Florida

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