IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

How to Request IRS Tax Lien Record Counts

Practitioners regularly call asking for the number of records available for IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien recipients. The number is based on several criterion customers use as filters.


1. The state or metro area of the court where it was filed.
– We currently collect tax liens in Florida, Ohio, New York City, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas   (2016 update: we now cover most of the country!).
– Other areas can be added upon request and after subsequent research for availability.

2. The dollar amount of the tax lien.
– $5k or $10k is the most common threshold.

3. Whether they want individuals, businesses, or both.
– Individuals are mostly 1040 debt, with the remaining few percent mostly 6662, 6672, and CIVP debts.
– Businesses are mostly payroll taxes such as 940 and 941, and also some 1120 debts.
– Most companies want both individual and business IRS tax debtors.

4. Whether they want to make a once-weekly collection (most common) or a one-time or occasional purchase.
– Weekly lists allow the advertiser to reach recent tax lien recipients.
– Occasional or one-time purchases are a great way to jump start a marketing campaign with lots of new leads.


Let’s try a case study.


The tax practitioner marketer has a practice located in New York City, and wants to get started with a direct mail campaign. Here are his search parameters:

– Over $5,000
– Individuals and Businesses
– Only NYC Filings

To begin, he may request the past one to four months of prior records. This will get lots of his letters in the hands of many potential customers that haven’t fixed their tax problem yet. With the above search filters, he would get about 700 records per month.

Next, he will request recently filed liens sent via email once a week. This would be about 150-200 records per week mainly consisting of filings within the past 7 days.


It’s as simple as that!


What’s holding you back from starting your direct mail campaign? Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have about getting started. You can reach Houston Lopez at 321-337-4172, or via email at

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