Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Search IRS Federal Tax Liens

Search For IRS Tax Lien Records

The majority of the emails and calls we receive at are from Enrolled Agents, CPAs and Attorneys seeking IRS Federal Tax Lien lists for marketing purposes. But aside from tax pros, we also hear from taxpayers inquiring about their own IRS Tax Lien. There are free online resources which can help individual taxpayers get a copy of their IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien.

Here are a few ways to find these records yourself (but first, a word from our sponsor).

1. Call Insight Tax Services.

My name is Andrew R. Schaefer and I’m an Enrolled Agent and owner of Insight Tax Services in Orlando, Florida. I help people nationwide with tax issues at my IRS tax problem resolution practice everyday. I stop levies, remove liens, and save taxpayers millions of dollars in taxes and penalties every year. I would be happy to provide you a free consultation to evaluate your options, including getting rid of your IRS Tax Lien. Please email me at or call 321-872-7742. If you’re looking to buy IRS tax lien lists for marketing purposes call my lien project specialist Houston Lopez at 321-337-4172.

2. Call the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service has an office that will research your tax lien and fax or mail you a copy. You will have to verify you are the individual or business owner it was issued to, or that you have authorization (Form 2848 or Form 8821) to act on behalf of the recipient. Call the IRS Lien Department at 1-800-913-6050 to resolve basic and routine lien issues, such as verifying a lien, requesting lien payoff amount, or releasing an IRS Federal Tax Lien. Understanding A Federal Tax Lien (

3. Ask your County Clerk

IRS Notice of Federal Tax Liens are recorded at the county level on IRS Form 668 (Y) (c). Contact your county Clerk of Court to find these public records. You may have to pay a nominal fee of a dollar or less per record. Some counties offer free online searches for IRS Federal Tax Liens, while others make you subscribe or pay per record viewed. Many counties don’t offer any online record services. If you’re seeking just one record, it’s usually easiest to call the Clerk of Court and ask for help.

If you’re a tax pro, you need to be regularly sending letters to all IRS Tax Lien recipients in your target market. People with a new IRS Tax Lien need your help and are the very best people to reach in their time of need. Please call or email Houston Lopez, lien project manager here at, at 321-337-4172 or Contact Us by sending a message through the site. We can get you off the ground and into a highly targeted, cost-effective way to advertise your tax problem resolution services.

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  1. Bob Appel says:

    For Andrew: I’m an Enrolled Agent looking to expand tax prep business into tax resolution . . . looking for access to tax lien information in my area of FLA.

  2. Melanie Culbertson says:

    Dear Andrew,
    I work for an enrolled agent Douglas Garcia, Garcia & Cudra in Tampa Florida. A couple years ago we did a marketing campaign and thought you were the supplier of our leads. Please get back to me and let me know we have moved our office and would like to do another campaign and looking for a source, and the most cost effective option.

  3. i am look to get fresh new irs federal tax liens I have expanded the office so we need more work

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